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Your LIHEAP Action Toolkit

  1. Social Media Packet
  2. Tell Us Your Story
  3. Click here to view and sign the 2018 All Parties Letter which supports our request for federal LIHEAP funding.
  4. A  ‘how to‘ guide on making Congressional appointments and preparing for in-person visits with Members of Congress and staff.
  5. Hot off the press! A link to FY2018 state-by-state data on LIHEAP eligibility, funding and usage: LIHEAP State Sheets. These are great documents to leave behind as reference information for staffers on our issue. They actually read these and hang onto them.
  6. An ‘editorial for newspapers‘ template that you can use to submit to any newspaper or online media outlet. Just fill in your state information. You can copy and paste it or personalize it as you like.
  7. A thank you letter and a request letter template you can use in advance of your meeting, after your meeting, or to take with you and leave with your member of Congress or staff. These will serve as reinforcements for our funding request of $4.7 billion. Be sure your contact information is on the letter.

Thank you for helping to make LIHEAP Action a stronger, year-round effort. Our neighbors, friends and families are counting on us to be their voices in the fight to ensure LIHEAP makes a difference for those who deserve help! Email us with questions or suggestions.

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