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How Can I Help?

  • LIHEAP Talking Points

    1. Updated July 2018: Talking Points – Why Protect LIHEAP
    2. Updated: July 2018: The Realities of LIHEAP. Some important clarifications on some LIHEAP distortions being peddled.
    3. New: Talking Points, more key data. (thank you, NEADA!) From document..

    LIHEAP story from California: A young mother of three lived in an older all-electric home and had their electricity shut off due to a past-due bill of about $800. She worked full time making minimum wage and her husband worked as a seasonal laborer. With no electricity, the family could not heat their home, access hot water, or operate appliances. LIHEAP was able to assist the family by paying their past due bill to get the electricity turned back on. She was also referred to the County’s Weatherization Program, which assists families in making their homes more energy efficient.

  • State by State LIHEAP data

    Use this information to contact your representatives!  LIHEAP State Sheets: FY2017 state-by-state data on LIHEAP eligibility, funding, and usage.

  • Missouri: Analysis of 5 year LIHEAP grants

    See here: MI-2016 5yr LIHEAP Analysis Handout, for research from Missouri Community Action Network compiling LIHEAP recipient information over a 5 year period.

    Quote from Missouri CAN Executive Director Kurt Brewer

    In a nutshell, over the past 5 years, nearly 80% of recipients utilized the program for short term situations.  Only 4.4% of Missouri households received benefits every year.  Of those, 59% were disabled households, and 73% were vulnerable households (elderly, disabled, or children age 5 and under).

    Additionally, we know that the LIHEAP program opens the door to other programs.  Once the immediate crises is abated, families are able to think about long-term goals to improve their situation (weatherization, employment & training, education, etc.).

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  • #SaveLIHEAP on Twitter

    NEUAC also has initiated the hashtag #ProtectLIHEAP on Twitter. When posting or retweeting, please use this hashtag or #LIHEAP to keep the conversation going.

  • Tell us your LIHEAP story

    Please share your LIHEAP story so we can quickly spread the word: Tell Us Your Story. 

  • Campaign for Home Energy Assistance White Paper

    The Campaign for Home Energy Assistance this week released its 2017 LIHEAP White Paper — Investing in LIHEAP: Assessing the Impact of Economic Stressors on the Home Energy Crisis (download the PDF via link)

  • Idea: Coloring pages in agency lobbies

    Place these in your agency lobby and allow children to draw their house and then you can mail them to your policy makers.

    1. Coloring Page Protect LIHEAP #1
    2. Coloring Page Protect LIHEAP #2
  • Protect LIHEAP Postcards

    You can place these Protect LIHEAP Postcards in the lobby of LIHEAP agencies to promote awareness.


  • Katrina Metzler, Executive Director of NEUAC shares her personal LIHEAP story.

    To share this video, copy the following code and paste in a post, tweet, or email: be sure to hashtag it #SaveLIHEAP #LIHEAP

Choose your state to see LIHEAP funding fact sheets for 2017, with other important metrics.
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