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This is a copy of Katrina’s Board Notes sent via email

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Notes from the Executive Director

Good morning NEAUC Advisory Board Members! I have returned from the great white north and am catching up on emails and correspondence. Many of you know I went to Iceland last week to capture a photograph of the aurora borealis. I thought you might like to know that conditions were perfect – solar flares, clear skies, no moon. Attached is one of my favorite images from the trip. Success!


Now that I am back, I am working diligently on several projects. I will be meeting with HHS ACF staff this month and getting to know them better. Also, I have meetings with several DC area board members to listen and learn more about them and their work. It is easier to plan for member services that are responsive and useful when I understand what each of you do. Thanks to those who have invited me for meetings or speaking engagements. I am happy to talk about NEUAC and our mission and its importance – please reach out to me if you’d like to schedule a presentation or invite me to key meetings or local conferences in your area.


There will be a flurry of activity this month as the conference tracks come together and are finalized. The schedule is looking good and I am excited for a great many of the presentations. Fort Lauderdale is going to be a great conference! A small committee has been formed to review conference apps and choose one that fits our needs and budget. Thankfully, we have several tech-minded individuals who are excited to help us make a good choice for 2017. I look forward to their recommendations.


A few additional messages/notes/updates/reminders to start your week:


LAST CALL: LIHEAP All Parties Letter

SIGN HERE: https://neuac.wpengine.com/advocacy/2017-all-parties-letter/


You have until OCTOBER 31 to sign the current LIHEAP All-Parties Letter. After that, we will be preparing the next letter and posting to the website, as discussed by Chris Hickling at the board meeting last month. We are up to 614 signatures – keep them coming! You can check if you or your organization has signed at the bottom on the page. We need your support! Please share with your grantees and professional contacts.



Each of you should have received the fundraising packet detailing information on sponsorship and membership for NEUAC for 2017. Contact me if you have any questions.


New this year: half price membership for organizations brand new to NEUAC, and membership costs included in sponsorship packages. We hope you will share the benefits of NEUAC membership with your professional contacts and help us continue to expand the reach and breadth of our organization.


December Board Meeting

The details for registering and attending the December Board Meeting are now online at the NEUAC website on the calendar page: https://neuac.wpengine.com/events-calendar/ Please go here for information on hotel and location and to register, which will give us an accurate meal count.  


NEW Conference Line

Just a reminder: NEUAC has a new conference line for scheduling those upcoming committee calls. Phone number: (515) 739-1020, Code: 971971#

Board chairs, use this number and code when you schedule calls on your own.


Calendar of Events

October 6: 1 p.m. All Chairs Call — Phone number: (515) 739-1020, Code: 971971#

December 7-8: Board Meeting hosted by Entergy, Washington DC

February 14: Training Event, pre-Action Day

February 15: LIHEAP Action Day

February 16: NEUAC Board Meeting, hosted by AGA


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