2023 Conference Slides

Plenary: Zero Carbon by 2030: No Customer Left Behind
5A: Education, Engagement, and Equity: How One State Came Together More Strongly After Staying Home
5B: Dialogue with the Feds: LIHEAP
5C: Leveraging Once in a Generation Funding for Residential Electrification
5D: Partnering for Success: Coordinating Energy Efficiency Across Stakeholders
5E: A Story of Resiliency: Disaster Recovery in Puerto Rico
5F: The Uncertain Future of Water Assistance
5G: Building a Comprehensive Affordable Multifamily Retrofits (CAMR) Program
6A: Energy Tradeoffs and Uncertainty: Household Perspectives in a State of Growing Climate Variability
6B: Dialogue with the Feds: LIHWAP
6C: Beyond Bill Assistance: Exploring Weatherization and Rooftop Solar for Energy Burden Reduction
6D: Low-Income Multifamily Buildings: Understanding and Overcoming Physical Barriers to Electrification
6E: Use Your Voice: Meeting the Public’s Desire for Greater Participation in Energy Decisions
6F: NEUAC Page Turners Book Club: “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive” (no slides)
6G: We Get By With a Little Help from Our Utility Partners: Streamlining Bill Assistance
7A: Focus on Overburdened Households: Programs to Address Equity in NJ
7B: HHS Listening Session (no slides)
7C: Neighborhood Electrification in Disadvantaged Communities
7E: Danger Will Robinson! Customer Protections for Vulnerable Households
7F: Utility Assistance Designed With Affordability in Mind
7G: Help is Out There! Creating a Robust Outreach Program
8A: Stopping the Spiral: Building Successful Programs for the Moderate Income Population
8B: LIHEAP 101 for Tribes
8D: The Legacy of Southern Poverty: A Regional Approach to Address Energy Insecurity
8E: National Partners’ Updates: Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Programs
8F: Water Affordability: Building a Safety Net for Water Customers
8G: Protecting the Customer: Compassionate Utility Approaches that Work