Continuing Resolution passes, government shutdown averted: Policy Update

FY 2024 Continuing Resolution

Congress worked through the weekend to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government through November 17, signed by the President hours before the midnight deadline.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) will continue via the resolution at the FY 2023 funding level of $4 billion.

NEUAC will keep our members informed as funding moves from the federal level to state, tribe and territory grantees.

Federal Government Shutdown and LIHEAP: Policy Update

A federal government shutdown is looming.
What are the implications for LIHEAP?

Action Request: Click here to complete a brief poll for LIHEAP offices

Current Situation

Tomorrow is the final day for Congress to pass a continuing resolution (CR) in order to fund the federal government on October 1. The House is scheduled to vote early this afternoon on a 30-day CR. On Sunday, the Senate is expected to vote on its own 47-day stopgap funding measure. While it is possible one of these two bills, or a blended separate agreement, will ultimately pass and a CR will re-open government programs, a shutdown is imminent until such time an agreement is reached.

The National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition (NEUAC) is interested in gathering information from LIHEAP offices on their intentions for program operations, given the likelihood of at least a short-term government shutdown. Please complete this two question poll, which will provide NEUAC valuable information for advocacy.

State Energy Assistance Resource Directory

Earlier this year, NEUAC launched a comprehensive state-by-state listing of energy assistance programs, disconnect moratoria and other resources on our refreshed website.  This could prove to be a valuable resource as communities, utilities, and energy asssistance program staff look for alternative fuel funds, faith-based programs, and other energy assistance resources in the absence of federal LIHEAP funding.

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